Perhaps You’ve Seen Darren Brown Work His

Anchoring Magic In This Video…

What If You Could Do Exactly The Same Thing…Only More Eloquently, More Effectively Than What You See Here?

Now You Can Have An In-Depth, Fast-Track Education In The Secrets Of NLP Anchoring … 

The benefits of getting really good at anchoring are enormous.

For example, you can:

  • access resource states from others at will,
  • ‘capture strategies’
  • induce specific responses
  • do advanced NLP change work

As a coach or consultant you can:

  • Put your client into the optimal state to fire up their motivation
  • Have your client step back and take in the big picture
  • Trigger them so they go into the optimal mood so they can make the best decision, take action, move forward all as a result of you.

You Might Have Questions Like;


  • How do I use anchors where I work?
  • How can I fluently AND intentionally anchor others?
  • How do I ‘steal’ other peoples anchors?
  • How do I create any anchor I want, in any situation?
  • How do I remember to anchor others, and keep track of my anchors?
  • Most importantly – how do I do all this WITHOUT leaning over and touching people on their knee?


You Can, In One Day, Master The Skill  Of Anchoring!

You don’t need to be a Hypnotist or an expert in NLP to learn these skills.

When: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014, 10 – 6

Where: 123 E Powell Blvd, Ste 304, Gresham, OR 97030

The Cost: $175.00

Seating is limited, reserve you seat to this fantastic training, now.


Mastering NLP anchoring is a skill which will pay itself back to you thousands of times over, when you apply it in every context of your life.


Regardless of where you are in terms of your previous training, if you want to become really good with anchoring, then this is the right program for you.

Seating is limited, reserve you seat to this fantastic training, now.

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What others are saying about training with Doug:

“Doug’s style is upbeat, fun and engaging.  It is structured enough to deliver the information in a logical and comprehensive manner, yet loose enough to allow for plenty of student interaction.  His humor keeps it engaging and fun.”                                                                                      

M. Kennedy

“The information is absolutely cogent to anyone wishing to influence another. The benefits, both immediately and forthcoming (particularly) in any commercial venture are incalculable.”       

V. King

“Your presentations and examples were clear and precise while also having the benefit of your sense of humor.  Your relaxed style and openness encourages interaction between yourself and your students, and between students, as well.  I really enjoyed the experiential parts of your program.”                                                                                                

J. McDonald


Seating is limited, reserve you seat to this fantastic training, now.