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A 2004 Lluminari Landmark Study found that three out of every four American workers describe their work as stressful.  The illness and symptoms of stress can manifest in many ways:

  • ƒHeart and cardiovascular problems
  • ƒAnxiety, depression and demoralization
  • ƒSubstance abuse
  • ƒCertain cancers
  • Infectious diseases
  • Conflicts Injuries
  • Back pain

The Good News Is There is Good News For You!

Researchers here have determined that hypnosis and related relaxation techniques can actually prevent the weakening of the immune response that often follows periods of acute stress.

The research, reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, is the latest to test whether people can protect themselves from immune system changes that normally accompany increased stress.

Lead author Janice Kiecolt-Glaser describes using hypnosis in this research as something like “hitting a reset button” for the participants in the study.

What have I done!?If leading businesses follow best practices regarding management, sales, marketing, training, and other key areas of business operations, it makes good business sense to incorporate best practices in reducing workplace stress too.

Hypnosis Stress reductions techniques have long been proven to help reduce unnecessary stress and pressure in our lives.   At Gresham Hypnosis Center, you will learn self-hypnosis for stress reduction and begin to take control of your daily stress once and for all.

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