Induction 2

Inductions, Inductions and More Inductions!!


Did you know most hypnotists only know and use one or two hypnotic trance inductions? 

The problem with that is one size does not fit all.  

If the induction fails, your work is likely to fail as well.

Progressive relaxation inductions only work about 80 percent of the time and they can take so dang long! 

And then there is “The Dave Elman” induction.  Hint, there is not one Elman induction, there are many (and we’re going to teach you some of them).

Maybe you’re asking, “Why do I need this?”

Well, a PR (Progressive Relaxation induction) can take quite a while, sometimes over half your session time and that’s not leaving much time for change work. And remember, there are some people that a PR just will not work.

Having several inductions means you have flexibility and choice.  One of the presuppositions of NLP is:

“The person with the most choices is most likely to succeed.”

Wouldn’t it be great to learn several inductions so your success is guaranteed?

Well, You Will!

In this workshop we’re going to focus on Confusion, Rapid and Instant inductions.

You’ll not only learn them, you’ll get to practice them over and over again. 

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know these inductions and when to use them.

You’ll learn:

    • Erickson’s ambiguous touch induction

    • How to recognize when a natural trance state is occurring, or has occurred

    • Variations of the Handshake induction

    • Instant inductions (like the ones used in Stage and Street Hypnosis!)

    • When a natural trance state is most likely to occur

    • The Eight Word Induction

    • Doug’s Stage Hypnosis Induction

    • How to use a naturally occurring trance state

    • Inductions for the analytical mind

    • What is an analytical vehicle?

Inductions Class

When: August 7 th, 2016, 10-4

Where: 123 East Powell Blvd, Suite 304

Cost: $125.00

Instructors:  Douglas Meacham 

This is a CEU Course.

Seating is limited, reserve your space now!

$50.00 deposit required, balance due on the day of the class.

Inductions Class